Renovation Blues Band from western Canada has been together since 2007 and after 11 years of passionate festival & club appearances has released their second album – with radio & review distribution in 2018. 

Swingin’ Hammers features 15 heartfelt performances with 4 original songs, including tributes to 3 of the bands favourites: Nick Curran, Lynwood Slim, and Sean Costello. 

The album features new takes on jump blues rhythms, lots of swingin’ guitar, piano, and organ solos, and some more rocking material, blended together in the RBB stew. This is some killer-diller material! 

Recorded over a two-year period with vintage instruments and amplifiers from the 50s & 60s, and a strong sense of dedication and fun, the band says, We aimed to present our original material and live favourites with tight arrangements, hot solos, and some harmony vocals… with the best-possible sound and old-school spirit…we hope you love it!”